Stress Management Tips

Tips For Stress Management

•    Be gentle with yourself

•    Exercise – even a 10 minute walk can help to calm your mind

•    Learn to say  “NO”

•    Make space for yourself everyday  – sit quietly for 5 minutes

•    Listen to relaxing music

•    Take a hot bath or shower using your favourite oil

•    Good Food:  Eating badly affects the mind just as much as the body.  Cut down on sugar and junk food and increase your intake of fruit and vegetables.

•    Watch a funny movie.

•    Stay in touch with friends  – they can help us keep things in perspective

•    Keep a Gratitude Journal – buy yourself a nice notebook and write 5 things that you are grateful for each day – no matter how bad things seem there is always something to be grateful for – a smile from a stranger; a kind word from someone; sunshine; shelter; opportunity…………….

•    Remember to breathe – if you feel stressed and you stop and consciously take 3 or 4 deep breaths it automatically relaxes the body.

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